Columbian Wyandotte limping badly! help please?


11 Years
Oct 25, 2008
Collinsville, CT
Maxine, one of my Columbian Wyandottes went through a tough molt about 3 weeks ago. She wasn't completely naked but her back pretty much was. I thought she was getting picked on so I put her in a separate closed area in the coop. One day I didn't latch the door and when I went out she was huddled in a corner with her back totally bloody. I brought her in the house, cleaned her up, applied Neosporin, and let her stay in for a couple of days. the weather was in the 40's. Then it got cold and I didn't think I should put her back in the coop so exposed so I made her a chicken saddle (my first BTW and it turned out pretty darn good!) So she's been wearing that for about a week, staying in her closed off spot with a friend. Her feathers are coming in nicely. Here's the problem. She can't walk more than a couple of steps without sitting down and when she does walk, she sort of hobbles. She started this behavior right after she lost so many feathers. She doesn't look sick. I checked her all over and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. I thought she might be weak from the molt but it's still going on and her feathers are almost in. Beautiful poops, eating like a little feathered horse, and she looks totally comfortable. She's not quite two years old. no nasal discharge and I always have my chicks vaccinated for Marek's. A friend suggested maybe a vitamin D deficiency? She hasn't been outside for about 3-4 weeks. I'm giving her some Rooster Booster (vitamin B12) and I gave her some poly vi sol tonight. She seems a bit skinny but she is eating. None of the other 22 have a problem. I have not checked for mites lately but every time I have spot checked a few, I have never seen any after a particularly tough battle with them about 4 years ago. Any ideas out there in BYC land?
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