Columbian Wyandotte Roo - 16 wks - Free - Pick Up Only

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    Apr 21, 2010
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    I have a 16 week old Columbian Wyandotte rooster that needs to find a good home. He is not blending well with my dominant EE roo. The little man is friendly and has already started to crow. He is definately a leader in the making and protectively watches over the gals he was raised with. He and the flock free range during the day.

    For those in the area I picked him up at Pickering Valley Farm and Feed near Exton, although I don't know what hatchery he's from. I love to see him go to a good home and not to my local "bird farm". Which is where I will have to take him if I can't rehome him.

    Here are a few more pitures of the fella!


    Please contact me to make arrangements for pick-up.

    Thank you for checking him out!
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