Columbian Wyandotte??


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Sep 9, 2010
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Hi! I bought some chicks from MPC almost 6 weeks ago, one of which was supposed to be a light brahma. Well, i think they ran out because my little Knephla has a rose comb and clean legs. She's turning out kinda splashy, but MPC doesn't offer splash (or blue?) wyandottes. Does anyone know if columbian pullets start out like this?

(also, just to be sure, she is a wyandotte... right?)


Here's a pic I had on hand, taken when she was about 3 weeks old. Her comb is slightly more raised now, with a little "horn" at the back. What asian breeds are you thinking?

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I just looked at the henderson chicken chart, and none of the birds listed as having a rose comb looked like a match for your bird. It's hard to tell from the picture... would you say it's legs are more yellow, or are they more green? If yellow, I would guess a Wyandotte of some sort. Perhaps white; either that or the splash coloration is a "sport" on this individual. I know that young birds will often have juvenile feather coloration that will change as the bird ages. If the legs are more towards green, perhaps she is an EE, with a rose comb instead of a pea.

Here is a picture of my Shirley, a Columbian Wayndotte, when she was 5 weeks old, for comparison.
Nope, doesn't look like your Shirley! What color are her eyes? My chick's are yellow, much lighter than any of my other chicks. Her legs are also yellow with a faint greenish tinge which seems to be getting more prominent. Very strange little chicken....
Her eyes used to be greenish, but have since turned to an orangish color.

Please let us know what she eventually turns out to be!
I emailed MPC and got a very nice response from a lady named Karen. She said that if any substitutions had been made, then they would've showed up on account - but they didn't, so I should have a light brahma. However, Karen said that sometimes chicks hop from one breed bin to another, which is probably what happened in my case. She also said that none of their chickens match the description of mine, so she suggested I send some pics. I'm now waiting for a reply.... Will update with any developments!
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That's a splash bird alright. Absolutely impossible to be Columbian or Exchequer or such.

I'd almost say splash Wyandotte, but do hatcheries even have blue Wyandottes?
This one doesn't! MPC offers silver and golden laced, columbian, blue-laced red, and white wyandotte bantams. Still waiting on a response from them about my photos...

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