Comb discoloration only in the morning?

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  1. bax_attack

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    Sep 26, 2011
    I've noticed the past few mornings, one of my BO girls comes out of the coop and the top edge of her comb looks purpleish/discolored. It is worst right when she gets up, but by the time she has ranged for a while the color seems to come back to it. I've read that this could be due to cold (unlikely, still close to 100 degree days/60 degree nights in Austin, TX) or due to lack of oxygen. She is breathing fine, no wheezing or coughing, and her coop seems to get plenty of ventilation as it is completely open on one side and has lots of holes drilled on the two side walls. My other three chickens do not ever have any comb discoloration. I checked her crop last night and it was pretty full, and this morning it feels nearly empty, so everything is fine there. Not sure what else it could be. Anyone know of a reason why the tips of her comb would be discolored in the mornings and not all the time?

    She seems healthy, just overly worried about everyone as I lost someone two days ago to heat related issues. Any advise is appreciated.

    Here are some pictures of her comb (she really wanted the camera string, so not great photos).[email protected]/6192031118[email protected]/6191512067
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    May 14, 2011
    my 2 year old rooster gets this as well. I find that when he is stressed out his comb turns blue. I find that when I give him some breadcrumbs and try and calm him down it goes away pretty quick! Maybe something spooks her in the early hours when its still too dark for them to see.

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