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    Dec 27, 2012
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    My rooster I believe had a few spots of frostbite. We had several nights in teens and single digit nights as well. They were like specks which almost looked you could could pick them off. Of course I didn't. I touched but when it didn't come right off I suspected frostbite. He had obviously been shaking his head because the blood got on his back feathers. I put neosporin on this comb and it looked better the next day. I continued to use it when we had those low temps. Well now his comb is discolored and not a bright red and the blood that had got on his feathers must have also got neosporin on them and he took a dust bath so now he has dirt stuck to his feathers but there is a concentration of it up around his head because that is where most of the blood was from the comb. I'm wondering if I should have even used neosporin and now what can I do to clean him? Suggestions? And don't you put neosporin or Vaseline on to prevent frostbite? thanks for your inputs!
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    Hello there. I have read that petroleum jelly is good for comb frostbite. Not sure about Neo.

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