Comb flopped over, not feeling perky, still eating - eh? What next?

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    Oct 15, 2010
    Hi Folks:
    I am down to 3 chickens: 2 Americanas, feeling fine and laying an egg per day each, or thereabouts, and Widow Fry (wife of former Small Fry), a Brown Leghorn. She was the runt; now her comb has flopped over and she is very sluggish, but still eating. Layed for several months, hasn't layed an egg in several months. Started laying later than the others, eggs weren't shelled at first. Now looks a little puffed out at night compared w/the others. Quite thin and still small. No signs of infection or mites or worms. What should I do? Cull her so the others dont' get sick? Leave her alone - she is still eating (slowly)? Give her vitamins? Give them all vitamins? They are mostly in the barn (too many hawks) but I do let them out several times a week. Thought at first she was just depressed due to being locked up all the time.

    Any advide will be welcome. Don't know much about chickens.
    N. VA

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