Combined ducks and hens now two sick chickens!


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5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
The ducks may not have anything to do with it but we raised 2 ducks a couple of months ago and have placed them with our chickens. We have tried to keep their small pond filled with fresh water but the chickens do drink from it. The other day my husband noticed a lethargic chicken and didn't tell me. I noticed it the day before yesterday and have separated her. Lethargic, runny green poo, droopy comb and tail, will peck around but not much. Not eating or drinking much and stands or sits in one place for long periods. Weight loss and partially or fully closed eyes. I have given her acv and wormed my entire flock with wazine. It's the only thing I have at the moment any other will have to be ordered. Then yesterday I noticed another hen has pretty runny poo not green but is shaking her head and stretching her neck while opening her mouth. I tried massaging her crop since they have been Grazing on seed heads a good bit lately. It did not help. I'm at a loss and pretty anxious since I have 15 new chicks nearby. We have separated the 2 ducks and removed the small pond.:/. Any ideas?

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