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    Mar 27, 2014
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    Does anyone have a combo barn, or one building for several different animals? I'm wondering if I am dreaming of the impossible when I imagine building a barn to house about 30 chickens, 6 ducks, 6 geese, 4 turkeys, some quail, two nigerian dwarf goats, and my meat rabbits without being over 300 sq ft. That would not include their outside area, which would be about 500 sq ft or larger. I don't mind keeping them in separate cages/areas but it would be a lot easier and cheaper if I could keep them in one well ventilated shed.

    I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has something like this and know how it worked for them, see plans, whatever. Thank you!
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    I was out visiting a lady near me who has a horse barn, the type with paddocks on either side of a common alley. She had a place for a few horses, a place for her large fowl and a place for her prize Seramas. The fancy little fellows were in a 10 x10 dog run with panels on top of it for the protection of the birds, but using the barn roof to cover all. I think she had a bunny or two as well. Something I don't think I've seen beforeā€¦ but something on the order of your query. I though it a quite a marvelous space and a wonderful place to keep her animals. The breeze way would be around 15 feet wide or so, big enough you could drive into it.

    I do not see why this type of an idea would not work, a common roof supporting a bevy of animals. It gave me pause, to think of having chickens without a roof on their coop or pen, but up there higher. The ventilation was very good, no bad smells, just farm smells, which are ok by me. I suppose where you live, this style could be fashioned into a nice structure and work well in your situation/management style. Could be the best use of building materials to construct an all in one.

    Best to you and your birds,

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