Combs don't look healthy.

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    This is the first winter I have had chickens....

    I have two pullets (9 months old) and this winter they got a bit of frostbite when it was super cold. (-26 C)
    so now they have a bit of black on the tips of theirs combs. And when it gets below -15C the tips of their combs get a bit white. But I try to put vaseline on every night. When they first got frostbite I had freaked out cause I thought their whole combs were black but I am pretty sure the reason why the whole comb was black was cause I put vaseline on them and then dirt got stuck to their combs. Anyhow, their combs are a much lighter red then they were this summer. Also near the bottom of one of my hens comb it looks like there is a slight white bump.
    Am I freaking out for nothing? Are chickens combs always redder in the summer and lighter red in the winter?

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