Combs on baby chicks? NOW with PICS!

depends on the breed, sometime with a straight comb you can tell at a are great if you are wanting to know
The pics weren't coming out, so here's the best I could do. There's a BR & RIR & the pics of the BO didn't come out at all, but there's a similarity. They're not even a week old yet.


That's a relief, thank you. After dealing with the feed store guy, I'm nor sure how much I trust him & when I asked to confirm they were pullets, he looked shocked & paused before telling me yes. I understand there can be some mix ups, but I just wonder.

*praying for mostly if not all pullets*
At about 4-6 weeks you will normally see some differences in pullet and roos. The sexing is pretty accurate at most hatcheries. If the feed store said they were pullets, they probably are. I've heard there is anywhere from a 1 out of 10 chance for a roo to 1 out of 25 depending on the hatchery.

So relax and wait and enjoy your chicks.
It's not the hatchery I'm worried about. There were MANY things in dealing with this man that lead me to say what I did, including the look of shock when I said "they ARE pullets, rt?" So I'm wondering if he *remembered* to ask for pullets since the entire order was wrong anyway (still among other things too).

Oh & thnx for the age range.

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