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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by rughooker, Jul 22, 2008.

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    [​IMG] I had a peep massacre in the coop a few weeks ago. Sixteen were killed or missing. Now my other chickens and roosters are afraid to go inside at dusk. They are roosting in 3 maple trees. They got soaked in the downpour we had this evening. Winter is right around the corner and it gets pretty cold in northeastern Ohio. Please, anyone--- How do I get them back in their nice,dry home? My husband and I are putting in a new floor and making the fence stronger. But how do they know that? rughooker
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    Im so sorry for your losses. The first thing you must do, is make it secure. Are you feeding them outside the run? If will have to place all thier feeders and waterers in the run, to catch them. Once in the run, catch them and place them in the coop...with food and water. Just make sure its not too hot in there, and that there is air moveing. Leave them in the coop for a few days. Remind them this is where "home" is. They are pretty smart, and will learn fast.
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    Not to be off the subject, but is this the justusnak from the Primitive Rug Hookers Group on ebay?? It's chickonaroost!! Fancy seeing you here. Deb, where in SE indiana are you-(maybe already asked you that on the PRHG site, sorry if so.)
    Rughooker, where are you from??
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    there is a justusnak...on a rug hookers group!?? Nope, isnt me... [​IMG] Im in Jennings county tho. [​IMG]

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