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Lucky Ducky

11 Years
May 28, 2008
Truth or Consequences,NM
That's a boy in love for you! I know my son has 2 roos and 2 pullets in his young Lemon Blue OEGB but I'm hoping he has at least 1 pullet in his Blue Tailed Mille Fluer OEGB. They'll start laying sometime in August
, if your son would like, I can send him more eggs after I test they're fertility. We'd have at least 5 hens total laying. A Red Pyle, 2 Spangled and the 2 Lemon Blues. Check out Ideal's website, the Lemon Blues are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thanks, he is gorgeous and he knows it. He belongs to my 7 year old daughter. He has been the best rooster.
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