Come one, come all! 2 Chicken feeders for sale!!!


Jul 3, 2021
For all y'all who need a chicken feeder or two-
Come and get it!
What- 2 chicken feeders, bucket type, complete with 3 PVC openings per feeder, lids, and swinging handles. Perfect for a flock of 2-6 and will last a month if filled completely
Where- I'm located in Southern California in the San Bernardino area. I am not shipping these. Please come pick them up.
Price- $15 per feeder, so $30 for both.
Note- I do NOT recommend this AT ALL if you have a roo. Our roo refused to eat from this because his head will not fit through the opening. If you have hens, or you have a separate feeder for a rooster, then these feeders are right for you!

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