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    Mar 18, 2011
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    My friend 'started' 4 of my eggs before I set the rest. Once I was set up, I added them to my bator. Would the 'started' eggs hatch 3 days sooner than the rest of my eggs?

    They are in a foam incubator 'hova bator' and on an egg turner. There are LF and Bantam eggs in there.

    Humidity has been running at 45-55% right along.

    I have a wood brooder with a ceramic light and thermostat that turns it on and off for heat with a wire bottom set inside and a plexiglass front I had for raising my baby parrots by hand and I can get the humidity and temps up in that so I was going to use it as my hatcher.

    It just occurred to me that those 4 eggs might hatch sooner and I don't want 'the hatching junk' to mess up the rest of the eggs.

    Everything was set about 3 days apart. First hatch is set for Monday night and Second hatch is set for Thursday night.

    Just got eggs in early and wanted to set them up in the bator and put the lockdown eggs in the brooder as a hatcher. I can delay them a day or two.

    Advise?? And should I mess with upping humidity? What would that do to starting eggs? or the ones that still have the extra days to go?
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    You have what is called a staggered hatch. You will need to "lockdown" the original 4 on day 18 and no it will not harm the other eggs due to hatch later. Egg stuff is not harmful. I was always SOOOOO paranoid about a staggered hatch, and then I did one. No problems at all. I actually had a better hatch rate than normal!!!

    Good luck!!

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