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  1. Okay i'm getting 4 chicks in two weeks from my pet chicken. I'm getting two blue orps and two black austrolorps [please comment on MPC. We are going to name the blue orps ash and misty from pokemon. And the black austrolorps majora and ocarina from zelda. Will post pic when we get them. :D :weee :woot
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    I've only heard great things about MPC.

    Blau, Orpy, Austy and Blacky.

    How's that?

  3. Okay. I plan to update the thread later my sis (dapplepony) and i came up withh names last night. Keep commenting on mypetchicken but we dont really need names now.. we'll post pics when they come!
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  4. **UPDATE**
    They came!!!!! we orderd 6 so we could give some to our friend but three died the other three who are at are house are good and living we are thinking about getting three more.

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