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    Hi everyone. I am about to be finished with my actual college painting class which means I will now have more time to paint more freely and be able to sale works without waiting for finals and I have someone that I will be working on a portrait of her dog for Christmas and I was thinking that once I am finished with this one, I could see if any of my people here on BYC would like to commission a painting done by me as long as it fits in with what I normally do. I love painting anything to do with outdoors, animals, landscapes, ect... Waterscapes are probably my favorite things to paint, but I can also do animal portraits and things of that sort. If anyone would be interested, you could send me a photo of what you would like painted, anything from your pets to certain scenery that you enjoy seeing and would like to see in a painting, I will consider anything. I will try to get some pics of my previous work up before this listing ends so you all can see some of what I have done before. Prices would depend on the subject matter, size wanted, and overall accessment of the job wanted but it would start somewhere in the $75 range is the normal starting price and may be a bit more depending on the job, plus shipping which would depend on the size and I would have to know the size wanted and location to figure actuall shipping rates . And I would email a proof picture of the finished painting before it would be paid for to make sure that it is what you were wanting.

    Please to not press the BIN so this listing can stay running for others. If you have any other questions or would like to place an order and send a photo of what you would like painted, please contact me via PM or email <[email protected]>

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