Common Misconception: Waterfowl young cannot eat any medicated feed


6 Years
Mar 14, 2013
Most people think ducklings and goslings have to be fed non-medicated which is not true, older medicated feeds were to be harmful to waterfowl because they had different medications.
Modern starter-grower feeds are medicated with amprolium which is NOT harmful to goslings and ducklings, check the ingredients to be 100% sure the feed is medicated with amprolium. Waterfowl babies need to be protected from the same diseases as other poultry do. If the feed is amprolium medicated it is SAFE for waterfowl babies. I'm posting this because I see many people telling new duck owners to avoid all medicated feed and it is untrue. Feed amprolium-medicated feed because i will help prevent nasty diseases and prevent a high vet bill.

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