Comparison photos Cornish X and "slow cornish"

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    I'm a first time chicken owner and have benefited tremendously from this forum. Thanks!

    I decided to try a batch of meat chickens and ordered 15 Cornish x's and 5 each of the slow broiler and red broiler from Welp hatchery.

    The chicks were all similar in size when they arrived. The following photos were taken a few days ago, the chicks were about two and a half weeks old.

    I've since lost one to, I guess, a heart attack, the others seem fine. They have a shelter and otherwise roam around the yard, inside the electric poultry net. (The striped chick in the second photo was an extra, I don't think it is a red broiler).




    The X's are of course much larger, I didn't get a good shot of their legs, but the X's legs are about twice as thick as the others. They are all nice calm chicks, the little ones of course run around more. I'll try and post updated photos in a week or so.

    Thanks again for all the great info!

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