Comparisons of development among same aged chicks

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by fastpat, May 13, 2010.

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    These photos, taken today, at age 6.5 weeks show the differences between one of the most developed (but not the largest) cockerel and the smallest. In fact, the small guy's comb was so slow to develop I thought he was a she for weeks.

    This is one of my fully feathered (in adolescent feathers that is) cockerels. The largest one is just like this one, only slightly bigger. The comb is well developed, the wattles are developed as much as you'd expect.

    This is my late bloomer. He's remarkably far behind the rest, pullet or cockerel, and really does not like me handling him at all. He was furious when I trapped him to pick him up for the photos. You can easily seen how little feathering has occurred on his lower neck.

    His neck feathers are about 50% in, his back is almost completely bare (no evidence of picking by other birds), his tail feathers are sparse, and so on.

    This is my only friendly cockerel, he gets up on my hand, arm, or leg completely on his own and will stay there quite a while.

    Five of my cockerels are in this photo, it's pretty easy to see which is a cockerel and which is a pullet now. The Dominique (the barred one) is a cockerel, with a rose comb that does not stand erect like the PR's do.
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    Mar 3, 2009
    Hmm i wonder if the lil one may just have some genetic issues that are causing it to grow more slowly..
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    Quote:That's probably it, but who really knows. He's as energetic as the rest, eats well, no other issues. He does appear to be feathering out more over the last week, so it's possible he'll catch up somewhat.
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    Hi. I bought a Bantam assortment and found that I have the same issue here. There are several birds that I still cant figure out what they are since they are only 1/2 feathered. They still don't have head feathers or back and chest feathers. A couple of those I am sure are Cochins which I have read are slow to feather. Most of the birds have almost all of their feathers. I would say 75% of them are. So I would say that some of it depends on the breed. I have one that looks just like yours. Mine are 7 weeks old.

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