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7 Years
Jun 1, 2012
Can anyone tell me what breeds, if any, are compatible with black austrolorps? I am wanting to diversify my "chick family". Thanks for the input.
Well, I've got 14 different breeds with my black australorp and they are all getting along very well. What breed were you thinking of getting and how old are your chickies?
My BA's are almost 4 weeks old. We're considering Dominiques, Easter Eggers, and Welsummers. We want to put them together before there is a huge age difference. We have 9 BA's and our run is 6ft by about 50ft.
It's not so much the age difference that matters as the size difference. I've got 16 week olds in with 13, 9, and 5 week olds. There is some pecking that goes on during the day, but the little ones have a space in the yard where they can get away from the big girls if it gets to crazy. I say get the chickies you want and let them sort it out.
Thanks! That's what I thought but wanted to make sure there weren't any incompatible breeds with BA's.
Oh so much great most welcome information in regards to 'compatible breeds' ... my worries are less now. GrandDaughter and I are wanting a 'mixed' flock of hens, not sure we are ready for a rooster, , , we are wanting family, ranch, dog, cat compatible chickens too. We would appreciate any thoughts you have on this. Thanks.
If you breed a RIR rooster to Barred Rock hens you will get black sex-links.

X2. The male chicks will be black with a white spot on top of their heads and the female chicks will be all black. I currently have 7 of them and the are very friendly, egg laying machines.

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