Completely Random Question About Toys for the ladies

A Lucky Ladybug

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Mar 8, 2015
I know there are tons of DIY toy ideas for our birds but I am actually a blogger hosting a Summer giveaway event here pretty soon and I want to incorporate chickens into the event. Does any one have any good suggestions for products/website (toys/treats) for chickens that people can buy? I want to provide a bunch of chicken prizes and resources (it should just be somewhat summer themed) I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas possible!
Chickens love pumpkin seeds.
Go to that website for a great diy chicken toy!
Good luck!

Gotta go now.
GEE I thought this was a thread about toys for Human ladies-

Oh well, I know the sell flock blocks but, some parrot toys are good for chickens - like things with bells etc. I would think if it was made to hold up to strong parrot jaws, I would be safe for chickens.

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