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    Jun 16, 2016
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    I've got two coops made of totally recycled materials. Was wondering if there are anymore out there... I know there is. Show me your creative recycled material coops!
    My two: one of them I used an old cage and completely tore it down bc the wood had rotted and the top of it was missing half. I used a couple of scap 1x1's along the bottom, cut out one of the holes so my bantams could fit with plenty of room, then I used some strap 1x2" welded wire and scrap rabbit wire to make a small run to go from tiny coop to bigger area. I used a 1 ltr mt dew bottle and cut out a hole in the side for water. For a roost I took the rails off of an old drawer and hung it from the top of the coop. It's all held together with tie-wire.
    The other one is very interesting: I first took a large cooler that was cracked across the bottom and and turned it on its side. Then I took some scrap rabbit wire and made a divider in the middle. I took the rest of the tab it wire I had to make the top and the front. I had an ice cream cooler out of convenience store that got new stuff, so I took the glass doors from the top and made side windows. The water on both sides is in power aid bottles with a hole cut out of the sides. Once again I used tie-wire to hold it all together. For roosts I used welding rods and took all of the coating off. I pushed them thru the side of the cooler.
    Show me where your imagination took you...[​IMG]

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