Compost or Chicken Treats? Or BOTH!


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Like most of you I'm sure, my household generates compost material on a daily basis. Sometimes, though, I wonder if I'm better off giving it to the chickens instead of composting it. I don't always take stuff to the compost pile on a daily basis, but rather I leave it in a small tub on the counter in the kitchen (until my wife starts telling me to get it out of there). Would it be normal to just let the chickens into my compost pile and pick out what they want to eat, instead of me worrying about sorting it? I hope my question makes sense...
I separate kitchen waste. Anything suitable for the birds goes out on the next trip out to the coop, which is a minimum of twice a day. Whatever the birds can not eat goes into a separate container and gets taken to the compost bin every 2-3 days.

I do not feed my birds anything that might be spoiled. It isn't worth the risk.
Speaking of meats. If you want to have some real fun for you and the chickens try this: Get an old pot or 5 gallon bucket and put the meat in there set it out near the compost pile for 2-4 days until you see flies all over it. Now cover it for a few days and come back to a bucket full of maggots. Dump the whole bucket in the chicken yard and watch them go hog wild
You have made your chickens happy with a great treat and wiped out an entire generation of flies all at the same time.
Since getting chickens my compost is mostly bedding, tea bags, coffee grounds and te stuff they won't eat. The girls think they are getting treats!! When we go out of town and my mom comes to take care of the girls she even brings her veggie scraps for them!!
All my scraps used to go on the compost pile, which is open. The dogs would get first dibs, cause they're higher on the food chain. The chickens would go through it next. Now, since the birds are cooped, I just throw most of the scraps in with them. They eat spoiled things all the time, I've never had a problem with it. When I start seeing crows and buzzards dead on the side of the road from eating rotten road kill, I'll consider not feedint them spoiled food.
Isn't it one in the same? I moved my (VERY HEAVY) chicken tractor over the top of my compost pile for the winter. I don't put many scraps out there in the winter, but in the summer, I have TONS. The chickens get to pick what they want from that pile, and I give regular treats each day anyway.

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