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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by sarahs31, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Apr 20, 2008
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    We have started an organic CSA here at the house and I desperately need to fertilize the plants. I'd like to make a compost tea out of the chicken manure. My laying chickens have only been on site for about a month so I don't have aged manure. Can I use one days worth of poo with a couple of gallons of water or will it still be too "hot". Any suggestions?
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    I seriously dislike compost or manure tea. My one try at making it about 35 years ago resulted in . . . . maggots :eek:! And, a smell that would gag one . . .

    Please think about the simply composting your chicken manure and use it in the garden after the process is more-or-less complete. Feed your soil with compost and other organic fertilizers. Here's Colorado State Univerisity on E. coli and fertilizing gardens with manure.

    If you are desperate for a foliar fertilizer consider fish emulsion. The smell isn't wonderful but it isn't fresh or fermenting manure, either. Plants like tomatoes respond wonderfully to fish emulsion.

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    I make alfalfa tea for my roses. Much less danger and it's the best organic fertilizer I've ever used. You just soak chopped up alfalfa in water in a garbage can with a tight fitting lid. I put it in a big "tea-bag" made out of a nylon stocking so you can get it all out before you use it, and let it steep for a week or so. Then put on a gas mask (it's REALLY stinky) and spray it on. It's a great foliar and root feed. It's worked wonders on my roses and would be great for grass too!

    If you don't have alfalfa, you can buy the cubed stuff from any feed store. Just be sure there is no added salt.

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