Concern about a broody turkey...Please comment!

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by SandyC, May 1, 2009.

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    I have two broody turkeys. I mentioned a week back that one is sitting on a bunch of chicken eggs in my barn. They other, kept dissappearing during the day and last night, she didn't come in. I found her this morning sitting outside, partially hidden at the edge on my fence and the road, next to an old tree stump. It rained last night and she is all wet, but I guess that she has layed a bunch of eggs and is now trying to hatch them...they are all Tom. The temps are going to go down into the upper 30's and I worry about her. If I take the eggs, is she just going to go back to the same spot or find another? Will she be OK outside? She isn't hidden really well, but she is a Royal Palm and is under a white fence, so it does give her some cover. I am getting some turkey eggs late next week, can I steal the ones under her then and replace them with the new ones or is she only programed to sit for only so long.

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    If you take all the eggs she may continue to lay in that spot, If you want her to stop laying there break the eggs and leave the shells there. She will think something got the eggs and that nest isn't safe and will find another spot.

    Is she in a fenced in area? If not she will be a target is a predator finds her. If you get some good eggs you can slip them under her and she should hatch them

    Steve in NC
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    if you have a large nest box big enough for a turkey than put it where her nest is and put the eggs in it and she should sit in it. and then at night move the nest like you would a broody hen to a enclosed cage and when u get the new turkey eggs, give them to her

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