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    Feb 21, 2016
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    Last night went to put the babies up and I find 6 of the eight still outside the coop in the run area. The 2 that rooste on perch were inside the rest on the roof or the other perch I have in the run. I had to pick each one up and put in the coop. They were literally like zombie chickens. The ones who want nothing to do with me were ok with me picking them up and then they did not want to get off my hand. Therefore I picked up by bodies and set inside coop. My question would it have been ok for them to stay out? The run is enclosed with dog run kennel and a chicken wire roof. I also have put shading material over half of it so semi enclosed Don't think animals can get in as the property is also fenced. Not sure why they did not go into the coop like normal. They are 3 1/2 months and temp was mid to high 60. It was almost complete dark. Thoughts and advice please

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    Chicken wire is little deterrent to most predators. Anything that climbs could get in - possum, raccoon, etc. Weasels could get through the kennel wire if it's chain link style. Coons can pull birds apart through it. They could be ok for a while - until something discovers that they are there...
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    How big(feet by feet) and well ventilated is your coop?
    How many feet of roost do you have?
    Yes, they are very docile when it's dark and they were sleeping.
    Always handle birds by the body, best to hold wings down, then you can put their feet on the roost.

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