Concerned about 2 premature looking hatchlings


Sep 9, 2019
I have recently decided to raise my own chicks. I got an incubator and hatched one small "test run" of 5 eggs. Once I kind of knew what I was doing, I loaded it up. A few of my eggs I got from a neighbor rather than my own flock. She mentioned how a few of her chicks that have hatched in the past have been weak and later died. As of right now, I have 16 that hatched, but 2 that hatched from my neighbors eggs are having trouble. They both hadn't fully absorbed the yolk, but only a tiny bit of it was left when they came out. Now, 2 days later, they continue to be extremely lethargic. They barley move, don't really open their eyes, and don't eat/drink. I've been attempting to water them through a dropper, but they act like they can't swallow anything. I'm prepared for them to pass, but is there anything I can do to in attempts to revive them?
Well don't give them anything by mouth because they are still absorbing the yolk from their belly. That's why Chicks can be shipped without any feed or water. 3 days they can go without anything.
Chicks that are like that I leave in a paper towel lined margarine container in my incubator till they find their feet.
Thanks for the info, they ended up dying last night, but now I have a slightly better idea what to do next time I run into a similar problem.

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