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    Dec 26, 2016
    My grandparents had two chickens, one of which got sick. They don't really know what they are doing so we took the chicken home (a little Australorp bantam) to nurse it back to health.
    We kept it completely separate from my chooks, in a cat carrier. We washed our hands very well every time. I finally convinced them to take the chicken to a vet, and it got diagnosed with mareks.
    I am now kicking myself because I am concerned I have put all my chickens at risk.
    I have 2 remaining adult hens at the moment, but 5 chicks in the brooder (3 weeks old).
    I haven't had mareks in my flock before. I think they are vaccinated, but my ISA brown came from the same place the Australorp bantam came from which was supposedly vaccinated.
    Last time I went a lot of chickens were sick there so I never went back.
    My ISA brown some how got in reasonably close vicinity with the Australorp one time (she was on a table in a carrier and my ISA brown on the floor)

    I am now really concerned I have introduced mareks into my flock...

    The Australorp (Lila) had no paralysis, just was puffed up, and one of her eyes was swollen, and she wasn't eating or drinking. She has since been euthanized and her flock mate (who is now a carrier) is all by herself. (My grandparents only had 2 chickens)

    I am not sure what they should do with their chook (because I can obviously not take it)
    I am super concerned about my 3 week old chicks- they are also supposedly vaccinated....
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    Read through this.

    Your chicks should be okay. They have probably acquired their immunity by now from the Marek's vaccine. However, your other chickens may have been exposed to the disease by the Isa Brown you say was originally from your grandparents. Vaccination only provides resistance from the disease. It doesn't prevent a chicken from being a carrier after being exposed to the virus.

    You have a good chance that everything will be okay.

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