Concerned about my Buckeye "pullet"


8 Years
Jun 7, 2011
At 8 weeks old "her" tail still isn't developed well & this morning she started making unusual sounds. It doesn't sound like a crow - more like a starting a car with a loose belt - so I'm not sure if it was a "practice" crow.?? Also, she was the smallest (I weighed them daily up until last week) & has now shot up to 2nd largest.

Her behavior is not at all dominant though, I've never seen her challenge another of the 4 chicks I have & she runs away peeping loudly if another challenges her...

Any thought or help would be really appreciated - we aren't zoned for Roos here, unfortunately, so I might just be paranoid

I've attached pics of her face, body, & feathers, if it helps....


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