concerned about ventilation and smoke from outdoor woodburner


7 Years
Nov 23, 2013
the oldest coop has a aluminum truck topper or cap on it for a roof... It has a crankout window on each side...
unfortunately the front window on topper is stationary...
I can walk into the coop so the unit is about 6 ft tall plus the heigth of truck cap or topper
It is nice and bright inside
the people door is approx 5 ft 9 or so. made from a palet wood and hdwe cloth then a storm window screwed to outside.
now there is a strip of2 or 3 ines tall hdwe cloth above people door and topper frame and back window of topper...
we have an outdoor woodburner... smoke goes everywhich way from it. it is approx 30 feet from back of house. coops are approx 100 feet from house
just wish coop were further down property but cant change anything. permanent fencing and runs plus so much it hilly of property.
was opening the windows some of topper coop. so cold now closed windows.... only 4 chickens in coop....
so yall think enough ventilation for the 4 ? Im leary of opening their crankout windows for fear of wood smoke..... If I did open window it would be on the left side.... I have watched the smoke and sometimes it goes in run esp during day can see it occ.
Now they range 1/2 acre so they can avoid woodsmoke during day.... But dont know how much may be getting in at nite....
snow outside and cold
so thoughts?


7 Years
Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
Hard to make a judgment call here,,, but can you install a taller pipe on your wood burner. This may disperse the smoke higher and miss the coop.


10 Years
Oct 16, 2010
Crack open the side opposite smoke for ventilation. I don't see how the smoke would accumulate. For one smoke rises. Two if windy enough to blow some smoke sideways at 6 ft level it's moving on and certainly not at 18 inch level of birds. Three at night the coop is venting upward and out the side window, any smoke would follow this movement not linger or move down onto birds.

On the smokiest day squat down in the run. I think it will alleviate any fear you have.


7 Years
Nov 23, 2013
is the back side of the topper coop opp the woodburner no place fpor a window. the dang storm window is a double track not triple. A triple can open top or bottom or what ever. This just the bottom section screened and hdwe cloth and glass....
My mistake prob 70 ft away from burner. need to pace it off.....
we would have put it (stove) further back from our house but at the time electric lines were running thru backyard. and more expensive and time buryin the pex tubing.... Before we had aerial uilities service pole and wires. Now we paid for buried service moved POLE moved to our front next to street
that space small above door under the wood piece.... is hdwe cloth
.so some air there.....
So tonite cracked open the window on the right top side of the topper.(per pic.).
They ( the chickens) are on the left side behind the old mailbox side of coop
Already have two 3 foot section of ss steel pipe on the outdoor burner unit.any taller it would have to been guy wired..
yeah been outside during day yes smoke close to ground... quite often.... I guess downdraft... I am outside lots
but they can get away from it by moving out of run into fenced 1/2 acre
THE OTHER COOP near by outside the run and fenced area. The new Rv coop windows opened now... tOO COLD... but soffit vents and that long roof ridge vent...
. thanks all

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