concerned Broody hen gasping/yawning/silent screaming-squishy crop HLP

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    Oct 8, 2010
    I have a one year old Buff Orpington hen who just started to go broody about a week and a half ago. Just today, while she was sitting on absolutely nothing (as she has been doing) I noticed her do this yawn-like, or barfing type action or screaming type action- only there was no sound. She kept doing it over and over. Later on it seemed to have subsided. I should note that it was hot out when she was doing it more. I have a dusty coop right now, so I wondered if the coop was too dusty for her because the first time I noticed it was when I put a mini battery powered fan in front of her to keep her cool. I have been reading about gapeworm. I free range my chickens and they are always finding worms from the garden to eat. I have no worming regimen, but I do put DE in their food sometimes. I also put apple cider vinegar in their water dish that is in the coop, but not in the water pan that I put out for them on our back porch.

    She has not not seemed hungry... but I thought this was from her being broody. This is my first broody hen that I have ever had, so I don't know much about the behavior, but from what I have seen online- videos, she very much so seems broody. I guess one can have a sick AND broody hen at the same time.

    I've read about gapeworm and I will first thing tomorrow look down her throat. The really bad news is that I found three dead birds (wild) in the last week and a half.. so I'm wondering if something is going around. All of my other hens seem fine. I did notice one other do a gasp like my Buff Orp... but did not do it again after that. IT looks like they are trying to throw up, or scream, or yawn- although my first inkling was that they were trying to barf. There is no sound.

    I also noticed yesterday, my Buff Orpington's crop was squishy and very warm. I figured this must be a broody thing- that maybe they do something to make their chests warmer? It felt like water was in it- kind of squishy, but it was fairly large, swollen. When she was doing this yawn/barfing/screaming motion, I tried to get my nose as close to her to try and smell if anything was sour... I did not notice any foul smell at all, though I think I should have gotten a bit closer to her to really be sure. (I was afraid to might peck at me, being broody)

    Also, can people get gapeworm?? It so hideous!! With all the chicken diseases that are out there, I'm amazed that chickens even exist.

    Can anyone help me? Should I be concerned about this gasping/yawning/ silent screaming thing, or the squishy crop? What sorts of things should I do next? And how do I find out how to start a worming regimen?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    May 13, 2010
    I would definitely examine her and check for gapeworms.I personally don't think DE is enough for worming but I'm sure it isn't bad for them as I have done it myself.It could also be an impacted crop, I believe they call it.Or possibly sour crop....I know there are threads on here referring to all these things.Sorry I cannot be of more help but am relatively new myself with chickens.I hope someone with more info reads this soon for you! So here's a bump!

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