concerned for a friend personal safety & $ **update pg 17**

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    Jul 31, 2008
    I have a friend.. lets call her Jane.. I have known Jane for 20+ years.. she is a great person would go out on a limb for you at any time. Jane has been in a few relationships but none more then 5 years and they have never led to wedding bells. I love Jane like a sister and I really dont know how to say this with out sounding bad but I feel it needs to be mentioned in order to get my point across. Janes appearance is well less then stellar.. she is about 5'5" and is about 280lbs.. her braces failed as a teen and she has a bad over bite.

    Recently Jane decided to take her love of reading and the literary arts and make a run at being a writer. She has published a few short stories that were quickly picked up on and have been on some best sellers list (for amateur writers) she has diversified her portfolio and was picked up by a small Canadian publisher, she had a book launch party coming up soon at a MAJOR Canadian retailer.

    so now that you have the picture set.. here is where my concern comes in.

    She had a man we will call him Adam.. follow her on Twitter, she uses a pen name... then her found her on Facebook.. he friended her on FB .. they have been talking daily up to 20 emails a day. She has asked him if he can base a character in her book after him he was flattered.. of course.. but here is where i have a problem.. I have alarm bells going off left and right

    he claims he is 28
    he claims to be a doctor Doctor of Osteopathy
    claims to be a teacher at George Washington University
    he claims to be Mr.USA in a modeling competition
    he claims he is on some winery ambassador in Australia .. "elected position"
    board member of the Sumo kids foundation
    board member of the "I am kids foundation"
    Claims to be mr Iron man body building contest winner

    I could go on and on there are 15 pages of his achievements on his website... he wants my friend to go to Miami Beach this fall to meet with him.. he is planning "their life together".. he is taking her to paris and london in the spring... and to Australia for Christmas..

    He claims to be tired of the fake women in Florida.. everyone is fake he wants a real woman he can settle down with and start having babies and live happily ever after... He says he is 28.. she is 39... he is a hot bod and a total dose of eye candy... she... is beautiful on the inside...

    I am not jealous please dont read into that..... I am concerned about her personal safety and her financial safety... I got a feeling if she does go see him in the fall he will be all pretty boy.. and lure her in... I have told her I dont feel right about this.. if it sounds to good to be true well you know the rest...

    what do you think?

    ETA... he has not asked her for money yet.. but keeps hinting he cant wait for the royalties to start rolling in from the book .. and said he has a conference scheduled for just before Christmas so me may have to meet her in Australia because he may be running behind depending on the outcome of the conference. its a plastic surgery conference.
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    Way to good to be true. Too many achievements for one thing at a young age. I would be concerned too - sounds like a scam in the making.
  3. DuckLady

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    She needs to run from this person.
  4. thechickenchick

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    Oh Darlene I would say your instincts are right on the money here!! Has she googled him and checked any of this out?
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    Sounds like a convict waiting to get out
  6. Equus5O

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    brings to mind the woman missing in Aruba.
  7. yinepu

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    a lot of his claims would be easy to verify... (I'm assuming you can get his "real name" from her)... so if it were me I would go down the list and check out how many of his claims you can prove are false.. then sit her down and have a nice long chat with her to let her know your concerns
  8. cassie

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    Mar 19, 2009
    Some of the stuff he says about himself can be easily checked and verified. Do so. Maybe remind your friend about the woman who just disappeared in Aruba....
  9. cupman

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    Ooohh I kind of would like to see his website now. Get the internet detectives on the case.
  10. Imp

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    Sounds like he stole my profile. [​IMG]

    Verify, verify, verify then try to open your friends eyes.

    Good luck, and we all need more friends like you.


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