concerning treats, how much is too much?

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    Aug 2, 2012
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    I have 9 hens (10 months old), all of them are laying and have been eating layer feed since they were 5 months.They free range mostly everyday for about three hours, to bring them back to their run I give them 2 cups of scratch mixed with three hand fulls of dry meal worms, then I give them about 2 cups of either mixed fruit or mixed veggies (all fresh) in the afternoon when I pick up their eggs. They eat their layer feed since I keep it in the feeder which they have access all day. They also have a small container with oyster shells and another one with grit. I don't know if I am giving them too many treats and if I need to cut down to make them eat more feed which is balance and has everything they need. I also give them black sun flower seeds to keep them entertained and from fighting when they are in the run. I would like to know your opinions about how many treats we should give our chickens without ruining their balanced nutrition.

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    I don't regulate my hens treats I toss the kitchen scraps out once a day and let them eat whatever they want. Sometimes it sits out a bit because they don't finish it, but it's usually gone by morning.

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