Condo Ducks and Geese, City People!


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Dec 25, 2007
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I know some of my friends on here know I made a move this year to Ruidoso, NM. I took a year off from teaching while my son was in Afghanistan my dad was having health issues and a few other major life events were affecting me. So when I decided to go back to the classroom I accepted a position in Ruidoso and I'm leasing a condo from a friend for awhile while I decide what to do. The complex has a small lake with ducks and 4 geese that were abandoned here. I go down and sit and watch them and give the treats because I miss my featherheads back in Chaparral. They have learned when I walk up that I have goodies for them and all fly, swim, and pretty much run on top of the water to get to me first. There are probably about 100 ducks so at any given time and more depending if some fly in. Most of Mallards, I've seen three Pekins, and then the geese,, they were dumped here about a year ago from what I've been told, two white males and 2 grey females.
The little lake is also stocked with trout for little fisher people.. but some adults do it too.

Last night I walked down to the lake with some pizza crusts cut up into tiny little pieces to share with the fish, ducks and geese,, oh yeah, there is also a little golf course that runs through the complex and along the lake.

As I walked up to the lake I saw three ladies in the 60's probably, on the golf tee nearest the lake, no problem they were aiming the other way,, those people are dangerous at times. The closer I got the ducks saw me and some started the movement from the other side of the lake coming towards me, then the geese saw me and started honking and moving out. One of the ladies ball rolled down towards the lake so she was going after it. Just as she bent over and picked it up the ducks went nuts quaking and flapping and flying and swimming and being super noisy as they headed for me trying to get ahead of the equally loud and obnoxious geese. I'm use to it, it looks like something out of Attack Of The Killer Water Fowl. The lady stood up, saw the mass feathered beasts coming straight her, threw her golf ball at them, screamed and took off running yelling to her friends they were rabid and going to attack them. I was trying to get their attention and let them know they were headed for me, but one of the ladies saw me and felt I was in danger and came running towards me waving a club!

I didn't know whether to run, laugh, protect the ducks or what! So I stood my ground and intercepted her and was yelling "I'm feeding them!!! I'm feeding them!!!!!!" They finally settled down when they realized we weren't under attack.

Next time I'll make sure they aren't around!


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Oh my gosh, that had to of been a sight to see!
I love how you handled it too! Silly crazy golfer ladies!!

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