Confessions: Animal Hoarding, Animal Planet, Jan 14th, about chickens!

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    Dec 15, 2009
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    On January 14th at 10 PM, the season premiere of Confessions: Animal Hoarding is on Animal Planet. The episode features a chicken hoarder. This is an exciting episode for myself and my co-workers because it was our rescue group, Animal Place, that took the birds in! In fact, we still have a number of the birds from the case, mostly a lot of gorgeous roosters, that are looking for homes. I wasn't working with Animal Place when the birds were rescued, but apparently a few of my co-workers will be in the episode (and I'm sure I'll recognize some of the birds!). We're going to have a little party to watch the episode together.

    Everyone ought to tune in in ten days and check the episode out. [​IMG] All of the birds that were rescued are now healthy, happy, and beautiful.
  2. Nifty-Chicken

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    I participated in this Animal Planet show. Peter (the man with the chickens) is a super nice guy out in the Sacramento area who had a TON of chickens inside and outside his house. He loved / loves his birds, but just got in a situation where he become overwhelmed caring for them. While the situation was definitely unsanitary and not a good environment for him or the chickens, it wasn't nearly as bad as the lady on that other recent Hoarders show. While I was there I didn't see any sick, dying, or dead animals.

    I'm very curious how the editing will be done. You never know when you are filmed in these "reality shows" how things will end up showing. I remember being super hot and sweating like crazy. Also, there was a bit of chicken chasing involved and a few blunders with a cage that had holes big enough for the baby chicks to escape (I wasn't expecting we'd be catching babies and I also wasn't the one that purchased the cage). [​IMG]

    So, not knowing how it will turn out I emailed the producers and I got this reply: "I have seen the final cut and you are great! It's a wonderful story with a happy ending thanks to you. I know you will be pleased!"

    I really didn't do that much to contribute... the real heroes were the group at Animal Place that came in to help find homes for all his birds.

    Here's more info:
    Animal Planet - Confessions: Animal Hoarding - Episode 1: Peter and Kitten
    Premieres Friday, Jan. 14, at 10 PM E/P
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    Oct 2, 2008
    Wow! Sounds like I need to watch this!
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    Have to watch glad you was able to help!!
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    Wow, Nifty, I didn't know you were involved as well! How wonderful! I'll look forward to seeing yet another person I know on the show, then. [​IMG] That's great Animal Planet asked you to be in it, too.

    Yes, I've heard Peter was a very nice guy. I've just heard that the birds were breeding beyond his control and that it was unsanitary conditions they were living in. I didn't see the episode about the other hoarder, but I plan to see when it reruns next so I can see it.

    All of the birds that haven't found homes yet are doing great at Animal Place! I visit them all the time. [​IMG]
  6. Nifty-Chicken

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    I had a lot of exchanges with them before they went out to his place. Peter, understandably, didn't want any of his pets to become food, and I tried to convey to the Animal Planet peeps how difficult it would be to find homes for chickens that were a combination of mixed breeds, older, and/or male. I'm sure your group at Animal Place have run into the same struggle... there's only so much you can do with a bunch of male, mixed breed chickens, and few people want to pay the feed bill to just have them as pets.

    Hopefully the airing will get some great press for Animal Place and will also bring some peeps in that will want to adopt! [​IMG]
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    The other show about the lady who hoards chickens is horrible. It made me want to smack her! [​IMG] She was mean and hateful and all around am angry woman. Those poor animals, I would like to know if all her animals were taken from her. I watched this episode last night.
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    Jul 2, 2010
    That's so cool! I'm setting the dvr to record the show! Thanks for the heads up.

    I could wax eternal about this subject. I'm torn by what I see on the television...I'm fascinated by people who can live in such squalor , not be able to cook food, take a shower or bathe, brush their teeth or even relieve themselves in a toilet. But, at the same time I'm disgusted and angered by their seemingly laziness and 'I'm a victim' attitudes. What are they thinking? What has made them give up...? Like I said in another thread my step mother is a hoarder and one of the laziest people I've come across in my 38 yrs ,she doesn't even bathe regularly... and we have no idea why. She used to be an LPN and worked in a hospital. My dad was always good to her but one day she just decided that she was going to do another thing.... and so it began she quit her job. The house filled up with garbage she would bring home by the pick-up truck loads ( I'm not exaggerating) - she would go to auctions and buy whatever wasn't bought by others and would bring it home to have a yardsale that never, EVER happened. My dad tried to tell her no one bought the stuff at the auction for a reason... it was JUNK! she wouldn't get it, so the house filled up. Not only that she was an HSN and QVC addict. She would buy stuff , have it shipped to the house and never even open it.

    like I said I could go on FOREVER about my Stepmom and others like her so, I'll stop there. It's just so frustrating and heartbreaking when animals are dragged into their hoarding misery.
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    Ok I watched it. Not nifty's but the other one. That lady was off her rocker and the animals were in terrible condition. The cages were too small, overloaded and full of poo. She had several wounded goats that needed treatment, she refused to let the ducks out of the cramped cages and give them a pond. I would have liked to see the follow up with animal control coming and taking all the animals away. The animal helpers didn't have the authority to remove the animals but said that they were contacting animal control asap. She finally let them take the hurt goats for rescue. She had a barn that had tons of stuff in it (lots of stuff that could be used to build coops and pens) and if she wasn't such an ugly person she could get someone to help her build.
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    Quote:Yes, I'm hoping we will get some more people wanting to adopt those roosters! They are actually quite pretty fellows, and amazingly all fifty or so of them get along. Thankfully, because we are a sanctuary, any birds that do not get homes will still get to live out their lives happily at the sanctuary. Of course, it helps for as many as possible to be adopted, though, because then we have room and money to keep other rescued birds that are not so adoptable (ie, birds with chronic health problems, crippled, and so on).

    I'm excited to see if we get some donations coming in and offers to adopt birds after the show airs. [​IMG] Thank you to anyone planning on watching--it's great to have a little publicity! [​IMG]

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