Confined chicken TV and Spa day for Peach

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    Stayed home sick from work today (nasty cold viruses) Between resting cycles, I caught a little bit of chicken TV. We had to temporarily put all of our chickens in the garage, due to such cold temperatures gnawing at them in their little coop. It got down to -4 F the other night (-20 Celsius) and we've been having problems with frostbite on combs, due to clogged ventilation. So, they're now set up in a few different cages with a space heater to keep it around 50 F in there. Whenever someone (human) goes out, they get some "free range" time.

    These were all taken from my view as I sat on a box to the side. I didn't feel like moving much.


    Yes, those are wood shavings all over the garage floor. I don't know how they go there, but hey, they catch the poop.


    These two are kind of hidden, but they sneaked over to the front of the garage and were picking through some old wood shavings and leaves that had blown in.


    One of the girls sitting right in the warm air current from the space heater.


    I ended up hauling my BO pullet into the bathroom the other day for a session with the hair dryer. Between the stress of being cooped up in the winter and the two boys that are just enamored with her, she's lost a lot of feathers and is more susceptible to the cold. Let it never be said that chickens don't enjoy some spa time, like us humans.

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    Thanks for looking!
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    Love that video! I could tell she was enjoying that very much, thank you! Hope you are feeling better today [​IMG]
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    Apr 22, 2012
    She definitely enjoyed her spa day!! So cute :) Feel better!!

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