Confirm or deny(hopefully) that these are Barred Rock Roos.


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I think i have 2 roos in my flock. Can some of the experts here confirm or deny my suspicions? They are 7 weeks old.





Many thanks.
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Ok, #1 looks like a roo but it's not a barred rock, most likely a cuckoo marans - it has white legs.

#2 is a rock (yellow legs) but not as sure if it's a roo. Smaller comb and wattles and it's pretty dark still. Most BR roos are much lighter than their female counterparts.
Hmmmm, I may have to post some more pics of some of the other birds I got that are supposed to be barred rocks.

My only real concern is if they are roos. I am not supposed to have them where I am .
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I have two identical birds to this that came with my Australorps....WHAT THE! I ordered 6 from a hatchery that were sexed. Those aren't the odds I was expecting.
I'm not going to get into the breed debate, but I say they're both roos. The combs are both pretty pink and their wattles are starting to come in. The coloring, however, is what makes me think they're roos the most. They seem pretty light in coloring to me.

1. Rooster, but not BR - probably cuckoo marans
2. BR rooster

Yes, but that 2nd one looks to have a rose comb. If that's the case, then it is a Dominique.

It's hard to tell in the pic, but it looks like a straight comb to me. But if it is a rose comb, then you're right.

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