Confused About Duck's Gender?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by phoenixxflame, Apr 12, 2017.

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    Apr 11, 2017
    So, I made a post earlier asking if Black Swedish/Pekin mix would be able to produce ducklings because I was planning on hatching some of the eggs. First off, I have been getting one egg a day from Jace. But week ago, when i put water in the duck's pool, my supposed male and female started mating right away in the water. Then yesterday, I saw them mating two or three times. So I decided to put the two alone in a separate pen for the night so the female could go broody without the Muscovy hens trying to lay on the eggs, too. Now, I thought I was getting an egg from Jace, and an egg from one of my Muscovy hens, But when I went to let them outside this morning, there were TWO eggs in the pen the Black Swedish/Pekin ducks were in. One of them looked just like a Black Swedish eggs(the ones I've been getting) and another was plain white (that's why I thought it was a Muscovy egg.)

    The reason I thought the supposed male was a male was because he/she is much larger than the other, and obviously because he was humping the other.

    So how does this make sense? Could the female have laid two eggs, or is the male a female? Another thing I should mention is that both eggs were just laid in no particular spot. Normally, the female would lay an egg in the left corner in her small nest.

    UPDATE: Today (April 13th) I found only one egg, and the female seems to be getting broody
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    I'm not sure if I completely grasp the situation, but first things first, females will mount each other as a show of dominance. I didn't know this myself when one of my females first did this and it scared me to death because I thought my girl was a drake. Whenever I put fresh water in their pool though, it becomes a party and everyone is hopping on top of one another. It's completely normal. :)

    It's possible, but unlikely that she's laying two eggs, so you may have two females there. I also got confused when I found all of the eggs in one nest, but they apparently take turns laying their eggs in a certain spot sometimes. I'd find 3-4 eggs in a corner, or 2 eggs in 2 seperate corners on a typical morning. Other times they'd be scattered in the middle of the coop.

    This Swedish/Pekin drake, does he/she have a curly tail feather?
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  3. You have two females that you isolated together....Both are laying eggs....Hens always display sexual behaviour towards each other during breeding season even if no Drake is around....You won't hatch Ducklings now...Collect all your eggs..;)....

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    Mar 7, 2016
    I have gotten 2 eggs in a day from my Muscovy but both were the same color

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