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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Cheekygreek, Feb 26, 2015.

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    Feb 20, 2015
    I have a six day old chick that keeps getting pasty butt. She's growing really great (she's the biggest one!), getting feathers,eating and drinking normally,and seems to act totally normal. I read that pasty butt if from diarrhea and then read that it's from constipation. Which one is it? I was thinking about giving her some coconut water for the electrolytes and maybe some plain yogurt. I am also going to try putting neosporin on her butt. Any other suggestions or thoughts about why this keeps happening?
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    Feb 18, 2015
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    I can't answer on the recurrence, as I'm struggling with the same thing in two chicks. But I dilligently clean them twice a day, have clipped down the fuzz with small scissors, and we are making it work.

    I'm replying though because my co op suggested plain yogurt, and I gave it to my chicks last night for the first time, and it's a HOOT! For the sheer entertainment value alone, try the yogurt! (I posted a video of mine a few threads down) :D

    Good luck, and I'll be watching this thread for the knowledge of others to help my own little girls.
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    Pasty butt,or pasty vent is caused by dirty water.Dirty water means,bacterial.Sre what happens is,they drink the bacterial,it stops them up,and then you get a nasty poopy mess,as stated in your paragraph.

    Be sure they have clean water,food and a clean cage.
    Also,clean the poop off with warm wet water,then after cleaning it up,make the towel hot hot water,the press it against the sore.After that,add the Neosporin to it.

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