Confused about Tylan and Turkey dosages...........Update...w/pics

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    May 14, 2010
    I have a flock of bronze turkeys that are 3-6 years old.2 of my hens are the oldest and the other 6 hens and 5 toms are younger,3 years old.I have figured out that they have sinus infections.Some show swollen sinus and sneezing and some show no symtoms.I have decided to treat them all.They are all penned together so if one has something it is very likely the others have or will get it.From the research I have done it seems that Tylan 50 is the drug of choice.However,I have now read that it should not be injected into muscle.I have read to give it orally or under the skin.I have also read to follow up with either water soluable tylan or feed with tylan.So,I have Tylan 50,Tylan 200 and soluable Tylan.My plan was to do 2 shots a day of Tylan 50 at 1 cc per 10 pounds for 5 days and then 5 days of water soluable after that.The more I read the more confused I have become.I must treat these birds.I know they can get sick again even with treatment.Culling my entire turkey flock is not really what I want to do.Treating 13 adult turkeys is going to be very difficult but I am ready and able to do whatever to help them get better.They have a very large pen,40 feet by 80 feet.It does get muddy in there after it rains so I am going to cover the entire area and make it rain-proof so I can keep them drier and cleaner.I will be covering the floor with 6-8 inches of wood shaving and/or hay.I need someone or even lots of someones to tell me what to treat them with and what dosages and how many days.I would love to hear how/if someone else has taken on such a project with turkeys and what was the outcome.I have learned so much from this site and I trust there are people here who can help me with this drama.Thanks
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  2. lil'turkeymama

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    May 14, 2010
    Please,folks,I need to have some idea as to what/when to treat my birds.I know i'm not supposed to bump my own thread but I really need help.I have never had to treat these birds for anything.I'm sitting here looking at my medicine while my birds wait for me to figure this out.PLEASE help if you can.
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    Jun 28, 2011
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    Aug 20, 2010
    I've never read that Tylan 50 shouldn't be injected in a muscle. That's exactly where I do inject it the rare times I've used it.
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    if you use tylon 200 please do not inject in the muscle it will destroy the tisue you can inject tylo 200 for each turkey 1 cc under the preferly on the backside not on the same place the same time for 3-4 days or 1 cc for half of galon or 2 liters water 4-5 days you also can pour some drops of oxine at there nostrils
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    May 14, 2010
    Thanks so much for the help.I did inject in the muscle yesterday.I hope it doesn't cause a problem for the bird.They are mostly pets but at some point down the road may become dinner.I won't eat a sick one or one recently treated with antibiotics or wormers.But I don't see any problem when they become healthly again.I did the tylan 50 at 1 cc per 10 pounds,about 2.5 cc per bird.I put the ones I'm treating in isolation and the others seem fine,no swelling or sneezing.I'm gonna wait and see if they need treatment.So far it is only my toms that have symtoms,the hens are fine.I am so hopeful this treatment and their new drier housing will help them.They have been here so long I can't imagine life without them.Thanks again for the help.I'll post update when I sure I see marked improvement.[​IMG]
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    I mix the tylan 50 with penicillin and inject it and don't have the muscle issues. I usually just give 1 cc of tylan 50 and 1cc of penicillin injected on breast to big turkey. When I get turkey with swollen sinus i drain the sinus by putting needle in on facial tissue closest to bill it doesn't seem to bleed so bad and pull out liquid then undo needle leave in place and inject 1/4 cc of penicillin in sinus cavity,. Usually takes 2 people to do this one to hold and one to work. Of course I follow like the treatment plan everyone has told you but make sure I follow it for at least 5 days or they seem to get sick all over again. I give them a childrens chewable vitamin they tend to swallow if you poke it down their throat. If they aren't eating I get them to drink some ensure plus and that seems to give them some energy.
    I have never culled over respiratory infection like this they always get well or I lose them. I like to put tylan 200 in water instead of powder just mixes better. I put 3cc of tylan 200 injectable in 1 gallon of water. What seems to be issue with respiratory infection like this is to not do anything. As long as they are treated and fed special they eventually get well. I boil eggs and crush them with potatoe masher shells and all and mix dry minute oatmeal to it for high protein supplement to sick birds. They love it.
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    I will advise to treat the whole flock for incase it will help as a vaccine if the sickness is spread
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    I don 't know tylon 50, here in south africa is is not so much known it is only tylo 200 here and it is adviseble not to inject tylo 200 inside the muscle believe me you will be sorry because tylo 200 much more stronger then 50 but I agree with you to use 200 in water with the same dosages here south africa we did not work with gallons but in liters instead and i also agree to inject in the sinus I inject my Tom with LA 120 1 cc which contains oxine it it also helped and the children s vitamens medicine is also in my medicine case for my flocks
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    You're on the right track and yes injections are going to be a pain in the rear but it will help. tylan 50: i would do 1.5cc 2x a day for 4-5 days or you can do 1x a day just make 2 injections. Under the skin on the upper back wing neck region. Then follow with a week of soluble. I dont use the soluble tylan, i do injections and retreat one week later if any symptoms remain. Let me know how this works out i may change my routine.

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