Confused: Americanas, Ameracaunas, Aracaunas, Easter eggers.

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    Tooo many blue egg layers. I'm confused! I bought some last year from Ideal, marked "Aracaunas". And they look like a chicken listed on feathersite as EEs. Then, I ordered some "Ameracaunas" this year from McMurray, and they are identical to the ones I bought last year. Then I bought some more "Ameracaunas" this year from a farm store, but these guys are gonna be black and white. i can tell from their feathering (5 weeks). But according to feathersite, they're not "Ameracaunas" or "Aracaunas". They're "easter eggers."

    Now, to my understanding, easter eggers are of unpure breeding.

    So are all the hatcheries selling mutt blue egg layers as "Ameracaunas" when they're not?

    Can pure ameracaunas or aracaunas even be bought from hatcheries?
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    Oct 13, 2007

    I didn't want to hatch chicks, but ended up going that route to get my Araucanas. Buy from a breeder and hatch yourself. I bought from Jody on this site ( user name: Hinkjc )
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    Have you ever considered to go to the Ameraucana CLub Site and/or site?
    These are the places that pure bred birds are and you can see pictures of some real quality birds.
    Easter-eggers are good for egg production if you get some that lay blue eggs.
    Some of the Hatcheries contract hatching eggs and they are only worried about filling their orders as long as the birds look something like you are buying but sometimes they don't.
    Good luck on your next purchase. Harry

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