confused and bi sexual chic?

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    Aug 24, 2007
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    this spring we hatched out some eggs for the first time the only one that survived was result of a leghorn mom and buff orping and black giant cross dad. it hatched in may has no roos comb (actually smaller than the leghorn hens' comb) no down flowing feathers no roos tail it has the cloring of its dad and the body shape of its mom, no crowing no noise at all. so by all indications a hen but for one; it's jumping the hens and looking like its trying to mate. the hens normally shrug he/she/it off and don't do the feather fluff after mating with an actual roos. any one know what is going on, could it be something caused by the type of cross that it is? maybe some kind of chicken nervosa, my leghorn hens are very nervous and the things father was very aggressive. if anyone knows you can email me directly at [email protected]
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    It could still be a roo, though it may be a late bloomer...Leghorns mature earlier than Orps or Giants, so unless s/he starts crowing or laying...or both.[​IMG] only time will tell.

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