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Feb 24, 2010
I have a chicken that is broody. When ever she comes out of her nest to eat, she gets confused about witch box her eggs are in. and she sometimes sits on someone elses eggs thinking they were hers. how can I make her know witch box it the box her eggs are in?


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Mar 3, 2009
Can you set her up in her own broody area. That way she cant mistake her eggs for others.. MAybe just a chicken wired off area around her nestbox with ther own food and water
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Feb 2, 2009
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Yes, if you can set up an area for her where she has her nest with eggs, her own food and water, and an area to get off the nest and go poo, she will not be as likely to be confused. What probably happens is that another hen is sitting on her eggs while laying a new one so the broody goes to another nest. You do have to lock her in and the other chickens out of this area or the other hens will start laying in her new nest and you are back to the same problem. This also avoids having to check under the broody every day for fresh eggs. When you move her, if you can not move her entire nest, try to make her new nest a little dark, cosy, and comforting so she thinks she has a safe place to hatch chicks. My broody area has a nest plus another 16" x 24" area for food drink and to go poo. If I were doing it again, I'd make it a bit bigger, but it does work. I do like the broody area to be in the coop. I think there are fewer integration problems that way when she brings her chicks out.

Sometimes when you move a broody, she stops being broody. There are risks doing this but there are also risks leaving her where she is with the others laying in her nest. You have already seen the danger in that. I have never had a broody get back on the wrong nest when I let them stay, but you have see it and it is reported on here a lot.

Good Luck!!!

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