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    Dec 4, 2011
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    my names Tasha and I have 4 Isa browns

    they have been laying for over a month now but 1 of them is so mixed up

    yesturday she layed a egg normal hard shelled egg
    later that arvo she acted like she needed to lay again so sat there about a hour and ended up laying a soft shelled egg
    but still acted like she HAD to lay another 1 mum ended up having to put her in the coop for the night and I found another soft shelled egg smashed on the ground this morning she was still in the nest nedding to lay another egg and she did lay another 1 and now seems fine but its not normal our other 3 are laying fine

    any clues into what might be going on with her???

    we have gotten 6 eggs before from 4 chickens 4eggs were hard shelled the other 2 weren't

    thankyou sooooo much [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] Sometimes when they start the laying process it takes a while before everthing runs smoothly. Sort of like getting the kinks out of a production line (the hen's reproductive tract.)

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