Confused chickens


To Finish Is To Win
11 Years
Jun 8, 2008
NE Michigan
We just our new coop and run finished and we moved our gals and guy over there this afternoon. Now that it's dark, they're having a hard time adjusting. I already dismantled the Chick-N-Barn so moving them back is not an option.

4 hens keep pacing, trying to get back to their old run while the rooster and two other hens are trying to squeeze into 1 nest box (not easy when the roo is a cochin!)

Need advice!!!

I finally got them all in. I took daughter inside and gave her a bath, now that she's in warm jammies and watching TV, I went back outside and saw that 3 hens are on perches, 2 in the nest box, and the roo and one other hen are snuggled together in the straw. Aww....

PamperedPullet, will it work if they are sleeping? Will their toes perch properly?

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