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So I am 19. Still in high school, I failed 6th grade for unknown reasons( seriously). I met a girl last year( junior year) she was a freshman. We ate at a table with other girls, 2 or 3 I knew. I cant't remem:rolleyes:ber what I thought og her when I first met her, but I know that after a few weeks she started to appeal to me. She stands out from people, In a good way. She is gorgous, she has a unique voice. But boy, iw she blonde( mentally). One day she asked what an arrow was...we became friends but nothing special the first year, I believe I did ask her out but shw declined, sayi.g she wasnt ready for a bf( she was still into her ex) and left it there, the next year we became even better friends, I met her family ( they seem to like me.
) i am soposed to go over to her house to celebrate new years. We talk all the time whenever I have a chance, qnd I know her more then anyone, and she knows it. She calls me bestfriend but she is overly nice and believe she would call anyone that.( ai have seen it) b
Anyway. Ive come to thibk I actually love this girl. She has her flaws, but if I try to think of them, her perfections overbear them, which has never happened to me with other * crushes*. She doesnt seem to be ginterested though, Ive spoken to her about it and even joked around or sliped it in a conversation, but with all effort, nothing. A friend once told me that I shouke have stopped when she called me a friend, that it was to late. And heard stories of generations before me follow the girl, or bug her to death to marry them. And it work, but do not think anywould could get away with that now adays. Lol
What am I doing wrong? Even though I can't get her to feel for me like I do her. Having her in my life makes me happy. I think with having several guys flock to her( that unique) that she just can't seem to feel anything towards anyone.
Speaking from a womans perspective, sometimes we want what we can't have. Sometimes I have witnessed other women playing ditzy. Try being aloof for a day or two....She may be wanting you to explain an arrow to her because she indeed likes you.
You are still young. Enjoy the friendship. Don't worry about taking it any further at this point.

Realize that if anything happens, it will end up being her that will have to initiate anything more in the relationship.

I know folks that have gotten married and the woman didn't truly love the man and then the man was miserable. I'm sure it's happened the other way too.

Don't ever make that mistake.

Enjoy being her friend NOW and if it ends up being too much for you, you can always end the relationship.

BUT, if she likes you enough to invite you to spend New Years with her and her family, there is at least something there?
I wouldn't wait around forever hoping that she will eventually like you back. Keep your mind and heart open so that you don't shut yourself off from other opportunities that could happen just because you are dead set focused on one person
it is never fun to have feelings not returned, especially for long periods of time.
Turney, Yes, believe me she is BLONDE.
Ithere has been times I hwve been to buwy to talk to her, that ahe comes up to me and *ntices* or mentions that She disnt talk to me earlier in thw day.

Mo- I do enjoy bwing around her and being her friend, there is deffinately a difference between me and most people when It comes to her, we know more about eachother and are more into eachothers lives then most people.
I woule think marrage or dating was the same thing as friends, but with a title and papers and a few other things. I am not looking at marraige anytimw soon lol.
I agree with that, I have donw so with a few other people, but this one is different in alot of ways. I do keep my heart and mnd open, sometimes a little fish comes around, but I feel nothing.
Believe me, marriage is a whole different kettle of fish - and it really stinks when there is not mutual love and commitment. Friendship is important, but it is not enough. She likes you, probably a lot. But she wants to try other things and meet other people. Why don't you try that for a while too? If you meet other people and make other friends, you may find other girls who are fun to be with and enjoy your company. And after she has a chance to see the world a bit, maybe she will be more interested in you. Of course by then you may not be as interested.

As J. Geils said - "You love her, but she loves him, and he loves somebody else - you just can't win"
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I think it is great that she has a friend like you to talk to. But, I think a little space is called for. She may like you but may not want to sacrifice the attention you give her if things go wrong. Kind of hint around at new years and see where she stands. If it's just as friends then that will have to be ok. But leave the door open for another girl to walk through. If you constantly on the phone with her or texting her you don't honestly give another girl a chance do you? Just try a little space. But on the other hand she may have invited you over on new years eve to grab a kiss.
But, if it doesn't work out like that you know you have people to vent to on here.
The other thing to point out here is that she is really young (4 years younger than you, right?), so she may not be ready for a relationship. Stay friends, but be open to other friendships too. She may just enjoy having lots of boys pay attention to her and she isn't ready to focus on just one (a boyfriend).
it just really sucks when person #1, likes person #2 , and person #2 likes person 3, and person #3, likes person #4, but person 4 likes person1

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