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    I am new to having chickens. I ordered 3 breeds Americana( all female), golden laced polish( straight run) and silver laced wyondottes( females) after having them 8 weeks I discovered the hatchery sent me golden laced wyondottes not polish . all but one is a rooster. I had them send me the polish chickens. I want to try to safely introduce them in a seperate pen inside the coop after they have adult feathers, any suggestions to help with this situation? I now have another problem. I sent pics to the hatchery of some of my other"hens" they told me yes they were hens! but this morning one was crowing and fighting with another questonable "hen" Wow what do I do ?? I have a possibly have 5-6 roosters in my group of 15 birds! the new polish was only sold in a straight run not sure how many are in there! I love my new chickens, one of the roosters likes to be held and loved, what do I do? can I put all the roosters out of the coop pen to free Range and keep the hens inside? then what happens if I let hens out? I wanted chickens for eggs , not eating .
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    Try to post pictures of the ones you suspect are roosters. Someone on here will be able to tell you if your suspicions are correct. As to the new birds, they are eight weeks younger? You need to set something up where your older birds can see the new ones for awhile before you can keep them together. There are threads existing already that give more details on integrating new birds. (I am just doing this myslef for the first time, or I would give you more detail).

    [​IMG] though!
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    Too many roosters you will have to down size. Trying what you suggest in letting the rooster free range will become a big pain in the you know what, having to put the roosters out each day and then putting them back in at night. Place an add on Craigslist you can try to get a few bucks a piece but it's hard to sell roosters. A free ad is sure find them gone. Keep in mind the only purpose some one would take them is probably the stew pot.

    I would introduce the Polish the way you mentioned, let them get use to each other for a week or so. Keep in mind when you release them together you will still have pecking order squabbles.

    Send the hatchery a You Tube video of the crowing hen and see what they have to say. [​IMG] I'm convinced the sexers can have really bad days, last year I ordered 10 Buff Orphingtons pullets and 5 turned out to be roosters. It's kind of like snapping green beens after you do it for so long many times you throw the ends of the bean in with good part of the bean and vice versa ;-)

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