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    Well I am far from retirement, but am thinking about it now! I finally landed myself a career, and have been trying to figure out how to get some sort of retirement plan going. But I am so confused!!! The company I am going to work for offers a pension plan, which is one thing I am taking. But what is an ISA? What benefits does it have on top of a pension, and what draw backs does it have? Why can you get ISAs through places like Charles Schwab and why would anyone if their work place offers it? (and matches some of it?)

    Don't get me started on investments either, sheesh! I know about bonds, and learning about cds and such. Stocks are a whole new ballgame! <~ you don't have to give me advice on investments, at this time I'm really wondering about what retirement plans I should take.
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    Do you mean an IRA?
    They are offered through private investment companies. The advantage of an IRA through one's workplace is that companies often match the employee's contributions, and there may be a difference in whether the money invested is done so before or after taxes.
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    Quote:For retirement, I've been keeping an eye on that cardboard refrigerator box under the overpass.

    Seriously, there is plenty of advice on retirement methods on Wikipedia or any Stock market news websites. Stocks, Bonds, IRAs, 401Ks, and tangible assets etc.

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