Confussed on egg colors to our chickens

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    Mar 17, 2011
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    We have a barnyard mix, so God knows what they are, but we are now getting white eggs, a pink tint egg, a green/blue or blue/green (whatever you want to call it) and an olive egg.

    I don't have any rescent pics of our pullets, but one is white with some black feather (VERY FEW) with grey legs and white/pink ear lobes and a little crest of feathers behind her comb.

    One is black with yellow legs and white/pink ear lobes, with a green tint to her feathers. She also has little crest of feathers behind her comb.

    One is black with black legs and blue ear lobes. Her feathers are smooth all over.

    Two are suppose to be EE's

    So who is possibly laying what??
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    Oct 2, 2009
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    The EE's are laying the green and olive egg most likely.

    The white chickens with the white/pink earlobes will lay the white eggs.

    The chicken with the black feathers and yellow legs is probably laying the pinkish/beige egg maybe... lol I have one just like it too that lays a pinkish tinted egg.

    The blue earlobed one has me stumped as to what breed it is and I can't tell ya egg color possibilities.

    The rule of thumb that I've learned is that if the earlobes are white or have white on them then they lay white eggs and the red lobes are the brown egg layers.

    Pictures would help as to breeds thus helping to identify the egg layer.


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