Congratulations Beaverton, Oregon!

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    Way to go! And many kudo's to Mark Ludeman, his team of supporters, and everyone else who fought so hard to get the laws changed.

    Beaverton City Council approves keeping chickens in the city

    Some basics:

    * The ordinance becomes effective in mid-September.
    * Allows up to 4 hens.
    * It prohibits roosters, ducks, geese, and other poultry
    * Chickens and their respective coops aren't allowed in front yards
    * Coops can't be closer than 20 feet to a neighbor's house.
    * Supervised chickens can have the run of a fenced backyard during daytime hours, but at night they're to roost.

    Here is the ordinance that passed.

    City Council President Marc San Soucie said the potential food and educational benefits to families outweighed any perceived harm suggested by some. He also likened chickens to more mainstream pets, such as dogs and cats, that are permitted.

    "Chickens I don't think are going to change the dynamic of the city," he said, "in any way."

    Smart man!

    Ok Hillsboro. Get with the program! [​IMG]

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